CCM Structures

Selected Xpressfeed primary data groups and CRSP supplemental data groups are accessed by the entire group as a defined structure rather than as a stand-alone item. These data groups and their elements can both be accessed by itm_name, but recommended programming access is through the itm_name of the structure. To access the structure and its fields, load the structure itm_name during initialization, create a CRSP_ITMpointer matching the itm_name and attach it to the data, anc access the structure and its fields through the pointer. The tables below show the data groups available as structures and their usage through the CRSP_ITM structure.

Itm_name Description C STRUCTURE NAME Object Type Object Access via CRSP_ITM
MASTER CCM company id and range data CRSP_CCM_MASTER row master_itm->obj.row
COMPANY CCM company header information CRSP_CCM_COMPANY row company_itm->obj.row
IDX_INDEX CCM idx_index header information CRSP_CCM_IDX_INDEX row idx_index_itm->obj.row
SPIND S&P index header (pre-GICS) CRSP_CCM_SPIND row spind.itm->obj.row
COMPHIST CCM company header history CRSP_CCM_COMPHIST array comphist_itm->obj.arr
CSTHIST CST header history CRSP_CST_NAME array csthist_itm->obj.arr
LINK link history CRSP_CCM_LINK array link_itm->obj.arr
LINKUSED CCM company CRSP link used data CRSP_CCM_LINKUSED array linkused_itm->obj.arr
LINKRNG CCM company CRSP link range data CRSP_CCM_LINKRNG array linkused_itm->obj.arr
ADJFACT CCM company adjustment factor history CRSP_CCM_ADJFACT array adjfact.itm->obj.arr
HGIC CCM company GICS code history CRSP_CCM_HGIC array hgic_itm->obj.arr
OFFTITL CCM company officer title data CRSP_CCM_OFFTITL array offtitl_itm->obj.arr
CCM_FILEDATE CCM company filing date data CRSP_CCM_FILEDATE array ccm_filedate->obj.arr
CCM_IPCD CCM industry presentation code data CRSP_CCM_IPCD array ccm_filedate->obj.arr
SECURITY CCM security header information CRSP_CCM_SECURITY row security_itm->obj.row
SECHIST CCM security header history CRSP_CCM_SECHIST array sechist_itm->obj.arr
SEC_MTHSPT CCM security monthly split events CRSP_CCM_SEC_MTHSPT row sec_mthspt_itm->obj.row
SEC_MSPT_FN CCM security monthly split event footnotes CRSP_CCM_SEC_MTH_FN row sec_mspt_fn_itm->obj.row
SEC_MDIV_FN CCM security monthly dividend event footnotes CRSP_CCM_SEC_MTH_FN row sec_mdiv_fn_itm->obj.row
SEC_SPIND CCM security S&P information events CRSP_CCM_SEC_SPIND row sec_spind_itm->obj.row
IDXCST_HIS CCM security historical index constituents CRSP_CCM_IDXCST_HIS array idxcst_his_itm.obj.arr
SPIDX_CST CCM security S&P index constituent events CRSP_CCM_SPIDX_CST array spidx_cst_itm.obj.arr
CCM_SEGCUR CCM opseg currency rate data CRSP_CST_SEGCUR array ccm_segcur->obj.arr
CCM_SEGSRC CCM opseg source data CRSP_CST_SEGSRC array ccm_segsrc->obj.arr
CCM_SEGPROD CCM opseg product data CRSP_CST_SEGPROD array ccm_segprod->obj.arr
CCM_SEGCUST CCM opseg customer data CRSP_CST_SEGCUST array ccm_segcust->obj.arr
CCM_SEGDTL CCM opseg detail data CRSP_CST_SEGDTL array ccm_segdtl->obj.arr
CCM_SEGITM CCM opseg item data CRSP_CST_SEGITM array ccm_segitm->obj.arr
CCM_SEGNAICS CCM opseg NAICS data CRSP_CST_SEGNAICS array ccm_segnaics->obj.arr
CCM_SEGGEO CCM opseg geographic data CRSP_CST_SEGGEO array ccm_seggeo->obj.arr