CRSP_CCM_LINK - Security Link History

Only one set of link information is presented for each calendar range in the Compustat GVKEY and IID history. Soft LX and LD links are included if there is a match that indicates an alternate record or a security on a non-US exchange. CRSP provides no automated methods to use these soft links to connect to CRSP data, but the information is available for the user.

Native Link usage provides access to all Compustat records, regardless of whether or not securities are in the CRSP universe.

Itm_name Type Description
GVKEY* integer, primary key (1) Compustat GVKEY
LIID char(3), primary key (2) Compustat IID. Dummy IID assigned with an “X” suffix during a range when company data exists but no Compustat security is identified.
LINKDT integer (date), primary key (3) First effective calendar date of link record range
LINKENDDT integer (date) Last effective calendar date of link record range
LPERMNO integer Linked CRSP PERMNO, 0 if no CRSP security link exists
LPERMCO integer Linked CRSP PERMCO, 0 if no CRSP company link exists
LINKPRIM char(3) Primary issue marker for the link. Based on Compustat Primary/Joiner flag (PRIMISS), indicating whether this link is to Compustat’s marked primary security during this range.
  • P = Primary, identified by Compustat in monthly security data.
  • J = Joiner secondary issue of a company, identified by Compustat in monthly security data.
  • C = Primary, assigned by CRSP to resolve ranges of overlapping or missing primary markers from Compustat in order to produce one primary security throughout the company history.
  • N = Secondary, assigned by CRSP to override Compustat. Compustat allows a US and Canadian security to both be marked as Primary at the same time. For Purposes of the link, CRSP allows only one primary at a time and marks the others as N.
LINKTYPE char(3) Link type code. Each link is given a code describing the connection between the CRSP and Compustat data. Values are:
  • LC – Link research complete. Standard connection between databases.
  • LU – Unresearched link to issue by CUSIP
  • LX – Link to a security that trades on another exchange system not included in CRSP data.
  • LD – Duplicate Link to a security. Another GVKEY/IID is a better link to that CRSP record.
  • LN – Primary link exists but Compustat does not have prices.
  • LS – Link valid for this security only. Other CRSP PERMNOs with the same PERMCO will link to other GVKEYs.
  • NR – No link available, confirmed by research
  • NU – No link available, not yet confirmed

* - The GVKEY is the primary key of all Compustat company records when using the native link. In CRSPAccess programming this field is not present in the structure but inherited from the CCMID item in the master structure for the company. In standalone usage the GVKEY field is included.