stk_print Usage and Examples

Normally, identifiers are typed at the command line once the program is started. A full database, or a subset specified in an input file, can also be processed sequentially with stk_print.

You can locate PERMNOs or other supported identifiers for the security that you wish to enter by using the stk_search utility. See the Search and Inquiry Tools chapter for usage details.

Options to select different identifiers, data, date ranges, or output options can be added either at the command line or after the program is started. To browse the data, type selected data items within the program for the desired company data. The following example would extract name history, and daily prices and returns for Microsoft from April June, 2002.

CRSP NYSE/NYSE American/NASDAQ Daily History + Indexes, data ending 20020628
Using default dates 20020328 - 20020628
Enter identifier or new option beginning with slash.
Type ? for help.
/hn /ml “prc;ret”
Keep previous data options? (y/n)
options have been reset.
Enter identifier or new option beginning with slash.
Type ? for help.

To export data for additional processing, enter all desired parameters on the command line. This example would extract the name history data and daily prices and returns for the securities in the companies.inp file from April June, 2002. The output is then written to a file, sample.out.

CRSP3>stk_print /hn /ml “prc;ret” /if companies.inp /of sample.out