Stock Fact Banter

Nov 1 2016

Before 2016, the last time the Chicago Cubs played a World Series Game in Chicago was on Wednesday, October 10, 1945, when they lost Game 7 of that series to the Detroit Tigers. One of the striking changes to occur in the game of baseball during this 71 years, is the length of time to complete a game. In 1945, the average game was completed in just over 2 hours – 2:03. For the 2015 season, the average game was 3 hours. This year, post season games have extended to 4 hours and 32 minutes.

Because you may run out of baseball facts or political outrage, the CRSP Research team compiled a few fun historical stock data facts that you can use. 

  9/30/1945 9/30/2016
# of active PERMCOS 822 3,655
# of PERMCOs to survive from 9/30/1945 - 83
Top 10 companies by Market Cap
Bonus Facts    
One of the oldest continuously listed firms on the NYSE produces this candy product that was available for purchase at the time of the Chicago Cubs most recent World Series Championship in 1908 - Tootsie Roll Sweets Company of America Tootsie Roll Industries